The IWM conducts an annual “day of study” in autumn semester and an “International Conference” in spring semester. The day of study takes up contemporary world church themes and is characterized by practical proximity.During the several-day of the International Conference, the focus is on systematic reflection on questions of mission science.

In doing so, attention is paid to the fact that intercultural exchange is ensured by the presence of speakers from different world-church contexts. The goal is the enrichment of theological discourse through world-church impulses. There is also an emphasis on the contribution of different disciplines to scientific analysis. The meetings thus provide a platform for communication between the local churches and the ecumenical discussion on a global scale.

International Conferences

COMING UP IN AUTUMN: International Conference 2020 – Mission as integral conversion

International Conference 2019 – Christian education and humanism in a global context

International Conference 2018 – Christianity and Mediation

International Conference 2017 – Postcolonialism and Theology of Mission

International Conference 2016 - Opening the Gospel in new spaces

International Conference 2015 - Mission: sustainability

International Conference 2013 - Christ and the Religions

International Conference 2012 - Opening new spaces - mission and secularization(s)

International Conference 2011