Rahel – An educational project for Adigrat

The educational project “Rahel” supports disadvantaged young people with a scholarship program in Adigrat in northern Ethiopia. In the program, especially young women are supported and accompanied during their training or their studies at a (high) school in the country.

A study in Ethiopia, including all expenses for accommodation, books, food and clothing costs only 200 euros! Get involved!

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Adigrat is a city in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. Many motivated young people live here who want to study, but cannot. Poverty takes their future prospects away. Especially women, who hardly have opportunities to develop their skills, are struggling. Traditional gender roles hold them of studying in schools.

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world (ranked 173 of 186 in the Human Development Index , 2012). The GDP per head is 390 U.S. dollars (cf. Germany: 43.742 U.S. dollars). Ethiopia has about 85 million inhabitants, the population consists of various peoples who speak over 70 languages.

In 1993, Eritrea broke off as an independent republic from Ethiopia. In 1998 a brutal border-war started, that was ended in 2000, but the situation between the two countries remains tense. Adigrat is located in close proximity to the border of Eritrea, where the conflict continues to be felt not only because of the permanent military presence.


Our educational project “Rahel” supports disadvantaged young people by micro-scholarships in this region and accompanies them during their studies or their education.

To get an idea: To study in Ethiopia for a whole year, you need round about 200 euros (for study material, rental costs, material costs, supplies and travel) .


Here in Germany the project is run by students and young adults of the university of Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt and also accompanied by the Institute for World Church and Mission. In Ethiopia the program is coordinated by the Adigrat Diocesan Catholic Secretariat (ADCS). In this way we connect with other educational projects and have access to experienced structures.



Donations are transferred directly to the project because the administrative costs are borne by the help-organisation Missio in Aachen, Germany .


If you would like to contact the team, get in touch with us directly! We are happy to receive your inputs, ideas and also ofcourse answering your questions:
rahel-projekt [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de



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Our Team

Das Rahel-Team in Sankt Georgen, FrankfurtDas Rahel-Team in Sankt Georgen, Frankfurt