Scholarship providers

For Applicants from Latin America

Episcopal Campaign Adveniat
Gildehofstraße 2
45127 Essen


Thomas Wieland
Head of projects department
Phone: +49 201 1756-108
E-Mail: thomas [dot] wieland [at] adveniat [dot] de

For Applicants from Africa, Asia und Oceania

Institute of Missiology of missio e.V. – MWI
Goethestr. 43
52064 Aachen


Dr. Dr. Thomas Fornet-Ponse
Middle East / North Africa Department
Phone: +49 241 7507-262
E-Mail: Thomas [dot] fornet-ponse [at] mwi-aachen [dot] org

Dr. Marco Moerschbacher
Africa Department
Phone: +49 241 7507-339
E-Mail: moerschbacher [at] mwi-aachen [dot] org

Dr. Annette Meuthrath
Asia / Oceania Department
Phone: +49 241 7507-349
E-Mail: meuthrath [at] mwi-aachen [dot] org

For Applicants from Eastern Europe

Kardinal Döpfner Haus
Domberg 27
85354 Freising


Tabea Roschka
Scholarship Assistance
Phone: +49 8161 5309-16
E-Mail: tr [at] renovabis [dot] de 


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