Staff Members

Dr. Markus Luber SJ

Markus Luber is a missiologist and Jesuit. He works at the Institute for World Church and Mission since 2009, currently in the position of the acting director. His main area of research is „Intercultural Theology“ especially focusing on contextual theology in India.

E-Mail: luber [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de

Dr. Roman Beck

Roman Beck is a theologian and biologist. He works at the IWM since October 2012 in the position of a scientific assistant. The focus of his work is the coordination of the Albertus Magnus Theological Scholarship Program.

E-Mail: beck [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de

Dr. Klara Csiszar

Klara Csiszar is theologian. Her field of research includes the integral term ‘mission’.

E-Mail: csiszar [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de

Barbara Katharina Haas

Barbara Katharina Haas is a publisher and PR consultant (DAPR). She works as an assistant for the Albertus Magnus Theological Scholarship Program since August 2013.

E-Mail: haas [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de

Christiana Idika DMMM

Christiana Idika is a researcher in the field of mission and education. She works at the IWM since the end of 2016 and is a member of the order Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy (DMMM).

E-Mail: idika [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de

Tobias Keßler CS

Tobias Keßler CS is a migration researcher (M.A.) and Scalabrini-Missionary. He works at the IWM since December 2009 as a research associate. He is specialised in the field of  migration and particularly on the World Church in Germany.

E-Mail: kessler [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de

Markus Patenge

Dr. Markus Patenge is a theologian and specialised on Christian ethics. Since September 2013 he is research associate at the IWM. His particular field of research is Christian mission and health.

E-Mail: patenge [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de

Sebastian Pittl

Sebastian Pittl is working at the IWM since 2015. He is specialised on “Intercultural Theology“.

E-Mail: pittl [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de

Alma Wallraff

Alma Wallraff is a philosopher (M.A.) and is working at the IWM since February 2017 as a general assistant.

E-Mail: wallraff [at] iwm [dot] sankt-georgen [dot] de