Institut für Weltkirche und Mission (IWM)

The „Institut für Weltkirche und Mission“ (IWM) is an academic Institute of the German Bishops‘ Conference at the Jesuit College Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt/Main. It was founded in 2009 with the purpose of strengthening the academic reflection on Christian mission and the worldwide Church. 

The IWM is committed to theological research and teaching that reflects on issues of the worldwide church and its mission as it is carried out in various fields. The notion of „mission“ implies a critical dialogue with the history of the church and therefore plays a crucial role in the theological approach of the IWM. At the same time it reflects on the role of mission in the context of health, education and global migration. Furthermore contextual theologies and Catholics of international descent in Germany are in the focus of the institute’s academic reflection.

The IWM is closely involved and works together with theological Institutions in Europe, Africa, Latin Amerika and Asia. Cooperations with partners in Germany involve the missiological chairs of universities and institutes as well as Catholic aid organizations and German dioceses‘ departments for world church.

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