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A scholarship in the Albertus Magnus program includes both adequate material support and a wide range of non-material support for the scholarship holders.
Material support
Adequate material support for scholarship holders enables them to concentrate on postgraduate study work in Germany. The sponsored persons can thus earn an adequate living without having to enter into additional professional commitments.


The amount of financial support is based on the graduate funding provided by other German organisations for the promotion of gifted students. A full scholarship currently amounts to 1,100 euros per month, whereby a contribution from personal contributions and/or grants from third parties can be assumed by the respective scholarship provider.

Non-material support

In addition to financial support, the scholarship program attaches great importance to the diverse non-material support of the scholarship holders, which serves the intellectual and spiritual personal development.


The non-material support includes a propaedeutic course (language course, introductory course to the German church and society), bi-annual meetings in regional groups organised by tutors, an annual academy, educational events as part of the Albertus Magnus annual programme, as well as retreats and other forms of spiritual recreation.


In addition, there is counceling for the scholarship holders during their studies as well as competent scientific advice from the Academic Board of the scholarship program.

Language course
At the beginning of the study support, the students complete a propaedeutic course during which they learn the German language for studying at a German university, ascertain their planned subject of study and get to know German society and the church.


The intensive language course “German as a Foreign Language” takes place at Sprachinstitut Kreuzberg-Bonn. The start of the course depends on the language requirements and previous knowledge of the participants..

Foto: © Sprachinstitut Kreuzberg Bonn