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Scholarship recipients b

On behalf of the German Bishops’ Conference, the Institute for Global Church and Mission is implementing two structured programs to support church work in Germany:

The Albertus Magnus Theological Scholarship Program accompanies scholarship holders from abroad who wish to obtain postgraduate qualifications in Germany.
The Educational Program Global Church (Bildungsprogramm Weltkirche) provides training and further education for employees of the world church aid organisations and the corresponding diocesan offices. The program supports the missionary work of the church in Germany.


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Through research, the IWM provides missiological groundwork in an intercultural perspective and reflects on the shape of the wordwide church.


Through teaching at the Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology, the IWM addresses questions of the mission of the church in theological discourse.


With annual conferences and study days, the IWM offers a platform for international exchange on current topics in missiology.


The programs of the IWM strengthen the importance of the church as a global learning community and support the work of the dioceses and Catholic aid organisations in Germany.