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Albertus Magnus Scholarship Program

The Albertus Magnus Theological Scholarship Program is an academic support for foreign postgraduate students founded by the German Bishops’ Conference (DBK). It serves the human, intellectual and spiritual exchange between the local churches in different countries and cultures, in accordance with the vision of the Second Vatican Council.

A lively discussion at the AMP Annual Academy 2022 (Image source: IWM)

About the scholarship programm

The Albertus Magnus Theological Scholarship Program is a postgraduate study support for foreign students of theology.

The scholarship program enables theologians, especially priests and religious from Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Eastern Europe, to study in Germany.
In addition to adequate material support for the scholarship holders, which enables them to concentrate on their study work in Germany, a versatile non-material support with the objective of intellectual and spiritual personality development is an essential component of the scholarship program.


The study support is complemented by competent study counselling for the scholarship holders during their studies.

  • Deputy Director / Programme Coordinator
+49 69 6061-702
  • Assistant for the scholarship program

Partners of the Albertus Magnus Program

The Albertus Magnus Theological Scholarship Program is supported cooperatively by several partners: scholarship providers are the aid agencies Adveniat, the Missiology Institute at missio e.V. (MWI), Renovabis as well as various German dioceses active in the support of foreign students of theology.


The Institute for Global Church and Mission (IWM) is responsible for the organisation and implementation of the program and takes on tasks in the supervision of the sponsored persons. On the administrative level, it is supported by the Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD).

The Albertus Magnus Scholarship Program is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.
Scholarship Providers
The scholarships of the Albertus Magnus Program are financed by the German dioceses and the aid organisations Adveniat, the Missiology Institute at missio e.V. (MWI) and Renovabis.


As scholarship providers, the participating dioceses and aid agencies are the first points of contact for possible funding, and applications for a scholarship should also be sent to them. In accordance with their eligibility requirements, the scholarship providers select suitable candidates from the applications and propose them to the Board for acceptance into the scholarship program.

Episcopal Campaign Adveniat
Gildehofstraße 2
45127 Essen


Thomas Wieland
Head of projects department
Phone: +49 201 1756-108

Institute of Missiology of missio e.V. – MWI
Goethestr. 43
52064 Aachen


Dr. Dr. Thomas Fornet-Ponse
Director and Near East Department / Northern Afrika
Phone: +49 241 7507 341


Dr. Marco Moerschbacher
Africa Department
Phone: +49 241 7507 339


Dr. Annette Meuthrath
Asia / Oceania Department
Phone: +49 241 7507 349

Kardinal Döpfner Haus
Domberg 27
85354 Freising


Christiana Hägele
Scholarship Assistance
Phone: +49 8161 5309-16

Order of the scholarship program
Information for scholarship partners
Information leaflet for Adveniat partners
Information leaflet for partners of the MWI
Information leaflet for Renovabis partners

Information leaflet for partners of the German dioceses
Forms for applicants