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Stipendiaten b

P. Antonisamay Selvaraj SAC

Herkunft: Indien, Society of the Catholic Apostolate


Studienort: Phil.-Theol. Hochschule in Vallendar
Fach: Moraltheologie
Qualifikationsziel: Promotion


Stipendiengeber: MWI
Gefördert seit: Oktober 2013




1990 – 1992 Volksschule Don Bosco Hi. Sec. School, V. Pet.
1993 – 1996 Bachelor in Philosophie, Goa University, Indien
1997 – 2000 Bachelor in Theologie, Angelicum University, Nagpur, Indien
2000 – 2003 Bachelor in Science, Nagpur University, Indien
2004 Bachelor in Pädagogik, Mysore University, Indien
2004 Priesterweihe am 04.05.2004 (Pallottiner)
2005 Lizentiat in Christian Studies, Madras University, Indien
2006 – 2008 Lizentiat in Moraltheologie, Alfonsianum, Rom, Italien
2008 – 2013 Professor für Sozialmoral, Pallottiner Hochschule, Mysore, Indien
seit 2014 Promotion in Moraltheologie, Theologische Hochschule Vallendar, Deutschland

Mein Forschungsprojekt

“Contemporary Indian Moral Challenges to the Essential Properties of Catholic Marriage: Unity and Indissolubility”: India is not just a country, it is a ‘small continent’ with hundreds of languages, traditions, cultures, customs, theologies, philosophies, spiritualities and so on. Indian Catholics face lot of challenges with regard the official Catholic teaching on the doctrine of Unity (contraception) and on the doctrine of Indissolubility (divorce and remarriage). My project is focused on giving a clear picture of all these contemporary moral challenges.
I worked as a professor of Moral theology, Dogmatic theology, and Mariology for six years in the Indian Pallottine Theologate Mysore which is affiliated to the German Pallottine Theologate Vallendar. It presently offers only Bachelors in Theology. I came to Germany to do my Doctorate for two reasons: to strengthen the bond between these two theological institutions and to study the possibility of offering Masters and Doctorates in Theology in Indian Pallottine Theologate Mysore affiliated to the German Pallottine Theologate Vallendar.