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New volume in the IWM book series

Healing Mission

The Catholic Church in the Era of Global Public Health

Theological studies on bioethical and medical issues are most often concentrated on individual health issues. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the extent of interconnectedness between peoples and nations, and its impact on the physical and mental health of individuals, groups, and nations. Despite numerous studies on the ethical, social, and medical challenges of this pandemic, there is still a considerable gap regarding the need to consider the role of the Catholic Church in the context of public and global health. The contributions of this book provide resourceful materials for the reflection coming from medical, global health, moral theological, bioethical, mission-theological perspectives, and from the perspective of pastoral care of health.
Published by Branka Gabric and Stefan Hofmann. 2023


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The series „Weltkirche und Mission“ has been published by Friedrich Pustet Publishers (Regensburg/Germany) since 2012. The series focuses on migration, education, health, social justice, ecological sustainability and human rights as well as contextual and intercultural theology. The volumes thus contribute to overcoming particularism and ethnocentrism in theology and the church.

Weitere Neuigkeiten
Jahrestagung Weltkirche & Mission 2024
Mit dem Thema „Gestörte Beziehungen. Kirche und Gesellschaft im Umgang mit dem kolonialen Erbe“ findet von 17. bis 19. Juni in Würzburg die Jahrestagung Weltkirche und Mission statt.
23. Mai 2024
Die Rolle der Frau in der Kirche
Die „Rolle der Frau in der Kirche“ stand im Mittelpunkt einer Podiumsdiskussion in der Deutschen Botschaft beim Heiligen Stuhl in Rom.
22. April 2024
Vielfalt in Einheit - Podium zum Synodalen Weg in Deutschland
Interessantes missio-ND-Podium unter dem Titel "Weltkirchliche Perspektiven auf den Synodalen Weg in Deutschland" anlässlich des ND-Kongresses in Bonn.
16. April 2024