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IAMS Europe Conference 2019 with call for paper

Conference Theme: Living and believing in an unstable and vulnerable world has become the prevailing experience and challenge for most societies worldwide, and so too for many parts of Europe, as we move further into the 21st century.

Progressive thinking has hit real barriers for some time now, with no clear vision for our common future available, giving way to different forms of retrotopian nostalgia which pronounce revisionist hopes of an imagined past (Zygmunt Bauman, Retrotopia, 2017). Recent analysis, however, proposes reading the profound changes, risks and vulnerabilities of our current world as being part of a deep, even metamorphic transformation (Ulrich Beck, Metamorphosis of the World, 2016).

Against such a backdrop, this conference seeks to locate European missions in that wounded world of deep transformation in a three-fold way:


  • We start with naming the wounds and transformations, past and present, which haunt European societies and Christian missions – and re-examine their complex entanglements and complicities intoday’s wounded and vulnerable world (day 1).
  • This allows us not only to revisit theologies of mission, foremost missions ad vulnera, but also to rethink them in new perspectives, especially in light of recent shifts in theology and contexts where vulnerability and deep transformation have long been reflected. Here, a special focus is given to new locations and meanings of baptism as part of a missionary spirituality towards deep transformation in Europe (day 2).
  • With such locating, distinct areas of vulnerable missions and commitments as resources ofhealing, renewal and deep transformation for living and believing in today’s world come to thefore (ecclesial futures; engagement for religious freedom; practices of deep solidarity etc.) (day 3).The conference seeks to further interdenominational exchange across Europe ́s missiological networks and missionary scholar-practitioners. It represents also a regional (European) conference in preparation for the global IAMS 2020 conference in Sydney on “Powers, Inequalities and Vulnerabilities: Mission in a Wounded World”, 9-14 July, 2020.Coordination: On behalf of IAMS Europe, Institute of Missiology and the Study of Theologies Beyond Europe, University of Münster, and SVD Missiological Institute, St.Augustin / Bonn, Germany. Contacts: Norbert Hintersteiner, and Christian Tauchner SVD, draws on a support group and open platform of individual members or representatives of various European regional missiological networks and interest groups (NIME, AFOM, CEEAMS, BIAPT(Mission Studies), OMN, IACM Europe, IIMF, DGMW, IIMF, KEK, etc.).Venue:
    Missionspriesterseminar Sankt Augustin
    Arnold Janssen Straße 30
    53757 Sankt Augustin


For more informations, for the program and for the call for paper, please visit the conference website.



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    Klara Csiszar

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