3Sat Kulturzeit berichtet über Projekt des IWM

Im März hatten wir Besuch von einem 3Sat-Fernsehteam. Unser Institutsleiter, P. DDr. Markus Luber SJ, und der Projektverantwortliche,...
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The Institute

The “Institut für Weltkirche und Mission” (Institute for Global Church and Mission) is an academic institute of the German Bishops’ Conference at the Jesuit college Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

The IWM is committed to theological research and teaching that reflects on issues of the worldwide church and its mission as it is carried out in various fields. The notion of “mission” implies a critical dialogue with the history of the Church and, therefore, plays a crucial role in the theological approach of the IWM. Theological research also includes the role of mission in the context of health, education and global migration. Furthermore, the situation of international Catholic communities in Germany, of contextual theologies, of interreligious and intercultural questions are in the focus of the IWM’s academic work.

The IWM cooperates with theological institutions in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. In Germany, it collaborates with the missiological chairs of universities and institutes as well as with Catholic aid organisations and German dioceses’ departments for the global church.

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The Albertus Magnus Theological Scholarship Program is an academic support for foreign postgraduate students. It is dedicated to the exchange and dialogue between local churches, in accordance with the vision of the Second Vatican Council.

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